Hotel Santer

Wellness á la carte near the Three Peaks

€ 95,00 in addition to the room price

Two treatments at your choice and create your own wellness package!

Choose your bath (25 min.)
  • Bath of Persian Roses: The precious essential oil is obtained from Persian roses. The cosmetic quality of the Persian Rose gives your skin suppleness and your smell will take you to a journey of a field of 100 fresh roses.
  • Lavender Bath from the Provence Lavender: has a soft and flowery heart note, with balancing and invigorating effect on body and mind.
  • Balsamic bath of the Dolomites: Who does not remember the pleasure of walking in the fresh air through a mountain forest? The extracts from the buds and the needles, at full maturity appear particularly pleasant to inhale. It might help you to free up your respiratory tract.

Choose your massage (50 min.)
  • Classic Massage: Based on classical massage techniques you will find a stimulating and relaxing effect on your body tissue and mind.
  • Aromatic Monastery Brushing Massage: After pleasant brushing movements along energizing meridians, your muscles are relaxed with a selected aromatic oil.
  • Hot Chrystal Massage: The healing and relaxing properties of the Rose Quartz Chrystal can help you to find inner balance. This Chrystal has effects on your body and soul. It is known in ancient times as the stone for love and heart.
  • Slim Line: Do you feel like having tired legs? Do you need a refreshing treatment? So the Slim Line is the right treatment for you. First, enjoy a gentle steam massage of the legs and finally you are revitalized with crashed ice and pure mint extract. The after treatment effect will last for long. Your legs feel refreshed and animated.

If you add the package directly at the room reservation, we give you a discount of 10% on the spa package price!
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