Octopus salad with marinated sesame algae and
citrus in rose muscatel
12,90 €

Local venison tartar with pears in red wine
and pumpkin puree
12,50 €

Lightly seared tuna medallion, rolled in linseed
with sweet and sour tomato fillet, parsley, lightly seared
Hazelnuts and wasabi mascarpone cream
13,50 €

Rolls of smoked loin of pork filled with sauerkraut,
Topinanbur chips and smoked cheese
11,50 €


Potato foam soup with lightly fried bacon cubes
9,80 €

Beetroot cream soup with mascarpone dumplings
and leek strips
9,80 €

Double consommé with homemade rosemary raviolo
filled with local lamb kidney
8,00 €


Slightly alloyed king prawn risotto with herbal
lemon-parsley foam
12,90 €

Polenta pappardelle with local mushrooms
refined with goat cheese
12,90 €

Homemade carbon ravioli filled with
curd cheese mousse on scallop ragout
13,50 €

Red blood-potato gnocchi with gray cheese cream
and green beans
10,50 € 


Delicately roasted rack of lamb with garlic reduction
on winter vegetables
25,00 €

Local veal fillet with morel sauce and grilled vegetables
29,50 €

Pikeperch fillet in potato coat with dill foam and
melted spinach leaves
25,50 €

Beef “tagliata” with hollandaise sauce and baked potato
with herb butter
25,00 €

Home-smoked leg of piglet ribs with beer sauce,
sauerkraut and press dumpling medallion with bacon
24,00 €


Favorite dishes of our Restaurant guests

Native deer carpaccio on rocket salad
with parmesan cheese, balsamico-vinegar reduction and olive oil
13,00 €

Fish soup at sailor’s manner with garlic bread
13,50 €

Home-made rosemary tagliatelle with game Ragout
12,00 € 

Grilled beef filet 200 gr.
with pepper sauce and roast potatoes
32,00 € 


For two person

Santer’s house plate
64,00 €

Fillet of deer with red cabbage, bacon dumpling,
„Spätzle“, polenta, and cep sauce
62,00 €

Beef tartar (300 g) with home-made brioche or french fries
62,00 €



Cinnamon honey parfait on caramel sauce
9,90 €

Bitter chocolate crêpe with homemade buttermilk ice cream
10,90 €

“Buchtel” filled with apricot jam,
with homemade vanilla cream and panettone ice cream
10,90 €

Variation of sorbets
9,00 €

Home-made shortcrust apple strudel with vanilla Sauce
8,50 €

„Kaiserschmarrn“ with cowberry jam
10,50 €