Our dishes

Veal carpaccio with lightly seared porcini mushrooms,
glazed cherry tomatoes and grated goat cheese on colourful salads
A, G, L
12,00 €

Home-marinated salmon tartare on slightly sour cucumber salad
with sesame algae and fresh strawberries
A, G, L, N
12,50 €

Gratinated courgettes-aubergines tartlets
with buffalo mozzarella and rocket pesto
A, G, L, E, H
10,50 €


Basil cream soup with king prawn in panko crust
A, C, G, B, D, L
9,50 €

Double consommé with homemade ravioli and zucchini stripes
A, C, G, L
9,00 €


“Kaminwurzen”-risotto with parsley foam
A, C, G, L
€ 11,00

Homemade lemon-taglierini with scallop filet and fresh mint
A, C, G, L, B, D, R
€ 11,50

Herbs and potatoes Gnocchi with game ragout in parmesan bowl
A, C, G, L
€ 10,50

Green ravioli with tomato-butter, fresh basil and smoked cheese
A, C, G, L
€ 10,00


Slightly roasted beef with herb-crust on red-wine-reduction,
baked onion rings and roast potatoes
A, C, G, L, H
€ 32,00

Grilled pike-perch fillet with ratatouille-vegetables
A, C, G, L, B, D, R
€ 25,50

Smoked spare ribs with barbecue sauce, sauerkraut and baked potato
A, G, L
€ 24,00

Veal fillet rolled in pistachio on glassed snow peas and ragout of dry-tomatoes
A, C, G, L
€ 29,50

Beefsteak on bone 1,2kg from our farm
with grilled vegetables, herbal butter and pepper-sauce
A, C, G, L
€ 53,00

Favorite dishes of our Restaurant guests

Native deer carpaccio on rocket salad
with parmesan cheese, balsamico-vinegar reduction and olive oil
A, G, L
13,00 €

Fish soup with garlic bread
A, G, L, C, B, D, R
13,50 €

Medium roasted beef beef fillet 200 gr.
with pepper sauce and roast potatoes
A, G, L, C
32,00 € 

Santer’s house plate (for 2 persons)
A, G, L, C, N, H
64,00 €

Beef tartar (300 g) with toast or French fries
A, G, C, N, H
62,00 €


Coconut panna cotta in glass
with fresh strawberries and lemon reduction
G, H
€ 11,50

Lime parfait on sour cherries and apple sorbet
with a pinch of cinnamon
A, C, G, H
€ 10,00

Iced raspberry soup
with homemade dark chocolate ice-cream
A, C, G, H
€ 10,50

Homemade „Apfelstrudel“
with vanilla sauce
A, C, G, H
€ 8,50

Tris of sorbets
C, H
€ 9,00

„Kaiserschmarren“ with cranberry jam
A, C, G, H
€ 10,50

Allergy information: A: cereals containing gluten; B: Crustaceans; C: Egg; D: Fish;
E: Peanut; F: Soja; G: Milk; H: Nuts; L: Celery; M: Mustard; N: Sesame; O: Sulfites; P: Lupins; R: Molluscs